A Few of My Favorite Greens

I love Spring, short as it is in this high desert of ours. There is something about that stream of morning light from the kitchen window on a quiet Saturday morning that sparks a feeling of "spring fever". This beautiful but brief period of time, when the desert is green and blooming with new life, fills me with energy. And that stream of light through the kitchen window makes me feel like indulging in a few of my favorite greens.

There's nothing like a glass of freshly juiced greens to set the tone for a vibrant day!

Can't go wrong with a classic for a mid-morning snack. This is my favorite stand-by green smoothie based on a recipe by Julie Morris from her book Superfood Kitchen. I love starting my day with this green goodness!

Classic Green Smoothie:
Toss it all in a blender, stir, whir, pour it in a jar and you got yourself a glass of green goodness to go!  

And for lunch...I feel a little artsy. My favorite raw kale salad sportin' some new style! Inspired by my weekly box of organic produce and the beautifully presented recipes by Kris Karr and chef Chad Sarno in their book Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

I so enjoy the late afternoon sunlight on lazy spring days. Not that I experience many of those, lately! But when I do happen to capture that moment of sunlit solace at home, I love to savor it with some small indulgence...like a matcha (green tea) latte or some minty matcha mini morsels.

And to end the day on a green note, some organic collard wraps stuffed with raw falafel, veggies and lemon-tahini sauce. Plus, another kale salad smothered in my favorite Green Goddess Dressing (recipe by Gena Hamshaw).

And these are a few of my favorite greens. Enjoy your day. Every sunlit moment!

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